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We can teach you how to Increase Safety and Decrease Danger by bringing you and your company app-enabled intervention tools that utilize cloud-based information, clinical assessment, and laws at the touch of a button so those tasked with keeping our society safe have a cutting-edge advantage.

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Exi-Venn engages experts from all disciplines in collaboration taking harm prevention to the next level. To learn more about Exi-Venn as a company and leadership, click below.


Executive Summary Exi-Venn was founded by two women intent on changing the world they are leaving to their children. As a result of events like Columbine, 9/11 and Sandy Hook; …


Micaela Bennett, Esq Founder/Legal Micaela Bennett is the founder and CEO of Exi-Venn, a company at the forefront of developing data-driven, strategic solutions for threat assessment professionals. Micaela established Exi-Venn, …

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