Exi-Venn brings a full complement of expertise in the following areas: law enforcement, criminal investigations, forensic psychology, clinical behavioral science, law, privacy, online content, platforms and merchandising, threat assessment, safety teams, public employment, corporate security, workplace violence, stalking, intimate partner violence, domestic disputes, data analysis, organizational culture and school violence, educational environments, Title IX, Cleary Act, crisis intervention, customized interventions, event support, post-event mental health, compliance reporting.

Micaela Bennett, Esq


Micaela Bennett © Ira L. Black

Micaela Bennett is the founder and CEO of Exi-Venn, a company at the forefront of developing data-driven, strategic solutions for threat assessment professionals. Micaela established Exi-Venn, to provide threat management consulting for public and private businesses. She provides the leadership and forward thinking that is the basis of this dynamic, smart consulting partner with the objective of a safer society through the management of threat. Micaela holds a Masters of Social Work from New York University and has designed and implemented treatment programs for court-mandated adolescents and provided expert testimony throughout NYC. A Rutgers University School of Law graduate, Micaela is admitted to the NY and NJ bar. She clerked for the judges managing the State of NJ’s Sexually Violent Predator calendar and then devoted her expertise as Chief Legal Officer at a New Jersey Psychiatric Hospital. She recently left State service after 13 years and focuses full-time on bringing Exi-Venn’s innovative offerings to market.
Micaela is a masterful fundraiser and event planner who enjoys cooking and traveling in her spare time. She lives in NJ with her husband and son.

Contact Micaela directly by email: micaela@exivenn.com


Jennifer Romei, PhD


Jennifer Romei, PhD © Ira L. Black

Jennifer Romei is partner and Chief Operations Officer of Exi-Venn and is a licensed psychologist with 20 years experience administering assessments and designing interventions to reduce risk. She is the clinical wisdom behind Exi-Venn’s threat assessment interventions that improve safety and reduce danger.  Jennifer designed treatment planning software for an electronic medical record, provides expert consultation and testimony on clinical and forensic matters, and oversees risk assessments and resulting decision-making on forensic and violent patients. She provides guidance to executive management on workplace violence policy and practice and also teaches graduate students about mental illness & criminal behavior. Jennifer is licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey.

Contact Jennifer directly by email: jennifer@exivenn.com



Dorian Van Horn

Law Enforcement

Dorian Van Horn © Ira L. Black

Dorian Van Horn leads Exi-Venn’s Law Enforcement group. She is a nationally recognized leader in threat assessment and threat management. Dorian is a retired Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent with over 28 years of experience investigating, training, documenting, testifying, and briefing on investigations involving behaviors of concern, workplace violence, school violence, stalking, adult and juvenile sexual assault, and domestic violence. Dorian was the NCIS Division Chief, Program Manager and principle architect for the Threat Management Unit/Insider Threat program. She was also the Division Chief in charge of the Family and Sexual Violence program. As a Supervisory Special Agent, she oversaw the Death, Violent Crime, and the Cold Case Homicide Unit. Dorian was appointed by the Secretary of Defense as a Government Advisor to the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Predicting Violent Behavior and Togo West Report Protecting the Force, Lessons Learned from Fort Hood. She is a contributing author in the recently published The International Handbook of Threat Assessment as well as the Final Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Predicating Violent Behavior. She is an instructor for the National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS) as an Educational Instructor/Trauma-Informed Informed Sexual Assault Investigation and Adjudication Educational Program under the Department of Justice. Dorian instructs on investigations regarding sexual and gender-based violence, Title IX, and the Clery Act and was invited by the United State Embassy in Ecuador and Guatemala to instruct their National Police on investigative strategies involving cases of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Dorian is the current President of the DC Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

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Anthony Burti

Law Enforcement

Anthony Burti © Ira L. Black

Anthony Burti is a recognized industry expert in the area of the threat assessment, law enforcement, and corporate security. Tony is a 20-year veteran, retired Detective 2nd grade of the New York City Police Department and an experienced corporate security professional. Tony has investigated and resolved high profile, sensitive, personal stalking cases and domestic violence incidents. Throughout his career, Tony has been passionate about ensuring a positive resolution for victims and their families. By using proven methods of discovery, Tony is able to resolve a range of threats to individuals and corporations including email, telephone, and in-person attempts. Tony provides effective techniques and supervision in the compilation and assimilation of intelligence on threats, investigations and personnel backgrounds. As a thought leader in the corporate security arena, Tony is able to counsel and provide risk assessment on security matters related to corporate security, travel, personal residences, related activities and individual security related problems. Tony is an established expert consultant in security, protective and investigator services, threat assessment/threat management, and regulatory compliance. Tony is a member of The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), President of The Northeast Chapter, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFC), The American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), International Financial Crime Investigators (IFCI), and The NYPD Retired Detective Endowment Association.

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